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Wake Forest University Outdoor Pursuits

Wilderness to Wake

What to Expect
Each of our Wilderness to Wake participants can expect to spend 5 days fully immersed in the wilderness areas around Western NC diving head long into their first introduction to life at Wake Forest University. Trained student leaders will provide participants with the experience of a lifetime aimed at building community, demystifying the freshman experience, and a healthy dose of adventure. 

Crews of 9 freshman and two student leaders will depart Wake Forest and head into the wilderness for their 5 day trip.  Each of the trips will vary in the types of activities you take part in.  Our leaders will provide you with quality instruction in back country travel, navigating your freshman year at Wake, and some pretty stellar conversation. Previous experience is not necessary as your trip leaders will provide instruction and opportunity to grow and harness your back country skills. 

Upon return to Wake Forest, students will feel invigorated by and invested in their newly formed cohorts.  This experience seeks to offer opportunities for participants to face challenging situations, grow as a person, and becoming a fully-fledged part of an inclusive community that will follow them through their tenure here at Wake Forest University. 

Sample Itinerary

  • August 18: Early Move-In Day, Welcome Banquet, Evening Social Event
  • August 19: Depart campus and drive to the trail head, Start Backpacking!
  • August 20: Backpacking
  • August 21: Backpacking / Rock Climbing
  • August 22: WW Rafting
  • August 23: Drive back to campus, Deissue of Equipment, Closing ceremony!